1968 – The Doors’ Hello I Love You, Reached No. 1 In The US

The song “Hello I Love You,” by one of the most influential rock bands of the 60’s Counterculture Movement, The Doors, began its two-week run at No. 1 on the US singles charton the 2nd of August, 1968.

Before Robby Krieger, the guitarist, joined the band, The Doors included this song on a six-song tape in 1965. They didn’t put it on an album until 1968, when they prepared the material for their third LP “Waiting for the Sun”. There was a plan to use an extended piece based on Morrison’s poetry called “Celebration of the Lizard” for the entire first side of the album. When that didn’t work out, they dug up “Hello, I Love You”, which came out as a good decision: The song reached #1 in America, granting them their second chart-topper, following “Light My Fire.”

“Hello, I Love You” has been covered by Neil Young, The Cure, Buddy Rich, Missing Persons, Adam Ant, Eurythmics, and Simple Minds.

Interesting fact:

Jim Morrison wrote the song in 1965 after seeing a beautiful woman walking on the beach. According to music critics, he created the most popular song about beach-side beauty since “The Girl From Ipanema”.