Alessandro De Fusco – Cinematic Music for Nature

Alessandro De Fusco (Alexander Layer), a guitarist and composer, launched his new music collection of short video clips inspired by nature. This unique “sonic triptych” is enriched by a specific musical genre – cinematic music. All videos are recorded, edited, mastered and mixed in Alexander Layer’s Home Studio.

Besides composing, the well-known artist enjoys spending his free time in nature’s surroundings. This interest led him to photography.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

Nature inspires you in many ways – the first one is Music, and the one that follows is Photography. When those two collide, it creates a new form of artistic expression. What is it all about, and how the idea of making this unique “Sonic triptych” came to your mind?

Alessandro: Hi Katarina, combining my music with photography is my new passion, for two reasons: the first is that I can spend more time in the woods or in the mountains and the second is a well-being that relaxes me and manages to inspire me to new concepts musical, making me appreciate more other sounds that until some time ago were very far from my tastes.

Is this musical aspect, at some point, the beginning of something new, connected to your next artistic step?

Alessandro: Yes exactly, these are new approaches for my next works that are ready for publication in the next few months.

When it comes to photography, what is it about nature that inspires you the most? Is it maybe its calmness or ability to regenerate, or something else? In what way does spending time in nature improve your creativity?

Alessandro: Photography has recently become a kind of therapy – it relaxes me and makes me feel good. The various colors and moments that I encounter during my excursions make me feel at one with nature and leave me with much more creativity.

You’ve done some interesting covers recently, as well as some collaborations. Could you please tell us more about it? Are there any other plans?

Alessandro: My latest covers are always an experiment on myself and a departure from the musical styles I’ve been playing since I was a child. In fact, in my artistic life I have never played a Jeff Beck song, after preparing it for an occasion, I said to myself “why not make a cover of it and publish it!”. It’s too early to announce the rest of the collaborations, but there will be a lot of news on this aspect too and I’ll be happy to talk about it later.

What kind of music is currently inspiring you? What music do you listen to when you have time to yourself?

Alessandro: As always, my favorite guitarists cannot be missing from my personal playlists, such as: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons etc. I’m currently listening a lot to the guitarist Lari Basilio, who I must admit has a sound that has bewitched and enchanted me. She is very sensitive in sound and I really like her compositions.

Alexander Layer’s Home Studio

Alessandro De Fusco, aka Alexander Layer, is an Italian guitarist and composer. He studied at the Conservatory of Music “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples and Lizard Academy in Rome. His musical influences are Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal and Classic Music.

The Artist is currently working on his new music.  


The Heart of Angrboda, -Single, 2019

Fenrir – Full-length, 2019

Huginn Muninn – Full-length, 2019      

Backing Tracks – EP, 2020

Tabs and Sheet Music – EP, 2020         

Ymir – Single 2021 

Sounds from the Labs, Vol. 1 – Compilation, 2021

Alessandro De Fusco Photography


Alessandro De Fusco

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