Alessandro De Fusco Introduced His First Classical Music Album – Nel Silenzio

“Nel Silenzio” is the new, and also the first classical music EP by the guitarist and composer Alessandro De Fusco, released by Wanikiya Record. The artist states that he has always wanted to create a classical guitar album, inspired by his love of nature and the moments of tranquility he experiences in the mountains and the natural world. Nel Silencio consists of three original songs: Ricordare, Respirare and Scorrere. It was recorded at Michele Milano’s Studio by Francesco Coia, with photos and graphics by Marco Ferraro. The record is available on all worldwide music stores and on Wanikiya Record’s showcase shop in Japan.

You opened a new musical chapter, which came in the form of the first classical music EP Nel Silenzio, consisted of three original songs. Is it some kind of revelation of your artistic inner self that has been built up over the years of making music? Or is it perhaps the next step in exploring new artistic dimensions? Can you tell us more about this, particular album?

Alessandro: Hi Katarina,

Nel Silenzio is an album that has always been planned in my life (in my mind). I just waited for the right moment to be able to make songs that weren’t obvious and had my own identity. This new job is a change in my life, so yes, I consider it very important. As an introduction to then give vent to my creativity and move on to other genres and not just more metal.

Is this a concept album? Is there a conceptual connection between the songs or does each song have its own story?

Alessandro: It’s a concept album. These are three moments that are created during my days in the mountains. A very personal work as if it almost spoke about me and all the beauty that I bring with me every time I return home from my excursions. Just taking photographs wasn’t enough for me, I needed to make it immortal by writing songs.

Nel Silenzio, cover artwork by Marco Ferraro

What is the thing about classical music that inspires you the most? What effect did this musical expression have on your growth as a musician, particularly as a composer?

Alessandro: Classical music has always been part of my life. He gave me a lot of technique to make my sound clean and always have good performances. Much less for the creative aspect, because in conservatories they don’t give you the opportunity to explore yourself, but I love the guitar so much that for me it doesn’t change anything whether it is: electrified, acoustic or classical, but it is just a means to spread what I have inside. I chose to make this album with classical guitar so that I could be alone and have more feeling with nature.

Connected to that, which classical music composers do you admire the most and why?

Alessandro: My favorite composer is Olafur Arnalds an Icelandic composer, the inspiration came from him and his music before starting to compose this album.

The album is available in all major music outlets worldwide, as well as at Wanikiya Record’s showcase shop in Japan. In connection with that, you have an extensive history of working with Salvatore Vecchiariello, better known as Mr. Jack, and Wanikiya Records. Could you tell us more about your friendship and collaboration?

Alessandro: Yep! I wanted to involve my dear friend Mr.Jack, because first of all there has been a great friendship for a long time, he is a very attentive person and dedicates himself a lot to his artists. I am very happy with the work he is doing and I am happy that Wanikiya Records started this collaboration with him.

Alessandro De Fusco is a guitarist and composer from Campania, Italy. He is currently a guitar teacher at the “Lizard Accademie Musicali di Roma.” He studied classical guitar at the “Nicola Sala di Benevento” conservatory. At the Lizard Academy in Rome, he deepened his studies in electric guitar. Alessandro performed his music live at various events throughout the country. Opening acts: Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger) 2019; Mario Guarini, 2020; Richard Meiz and Diego Cavallotti (Lacuna Coil) 2021; Vinnie Moore (UFO, Alice Cooper, Vicious Rumors) 2022.

Alexander Layer Project: In 2018, Alessandro De Fusco wrote and recorded his first solo album “Fenrir,” where the lead guitar acts as the “narrative voice” of the songs. Each song is based on a myth in Norse mythology. In 2019, he started to work with Elevate Records and released his second album “Huginn Muninn”, which featured special guests such as James Labrie (of PFM, Icefisch, etc.) and David Folchitt (ex-Fleshgod Apocalypse). In 2020, Alessandro composed the single “Ymir” after joining the label “Solar Guitars” as an artist. In 2021, he released “Complete Guitar Transcriptions.”

In 2021, the guitarist composed his third album, Sounds From The Labs – a collection of demos and small tracks recorded in his studio during the Lockdown period. As an artist, he started his collaboration with “Chicken Picks – Guitar Picks”, in 2021. From 2022. to 2023, Alessandro decided to take a break to transfigure his music.

In 2023, Alesssandro De Fusco separated his stage name “Alexander Layer” (progressive metal project) from his real name, and created his first EP Album of classical music: “Nel Silenzio.”

Alessandro De Fusco

Photo Credit: Marco Ferraro, Alessandro De Fusco

You can check out the album Nel Silenzio, and more music by Alessandro De Fusco, on his YouTube channel and other music platforms:…/alessandrodefusco/nel-silenzio-2

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