Alessandro De Fusco Released His Cover of Sting’s Song “Shape Of My Heart”

Alessandro De Fusco, an Italian guitarist and composer, released his new cover video. It is the cover version of the song ‘Shape of My Heart’ by Sting. The notable musician himself, produced, arranged, mixed, and mastered the music. Alessandro edited the video as well.

According to the guitarist’s words, he has an intense connection to this song:

“I am deeply attached for its enchanting beauty. I blended the sounds of my guitars in an attempt to create a magic that would parallel the presence of a singer.”

Alessandro De Fusco recently launched his new music collection of short video clips inspired by nature. This unique “sonic triptych” is enriched by a specific musical genre – cinematic music. He is also working on the release of his classical guitar album. More info about the record, soon.

You can check out more original music and covers by Alessandro De Fusco, on his YouTube channel and other music platforms:

Alessandro De Fusco

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