Alexander Layer Released “Kenning“ Making Of Video

After releasing the video for the song Kenning, Alexander Layer, Italian guitarist and a composer, released the “making of“ video, played in the territory of “Campo Imperatore”(AQ), Italy, in the Gran Sasso National Park. It is a place where many film scenes were shot, among them: “Ladyhawke”, “The Name of the Rose” and many others.

This video focuses on the journey taken to reach the exact geolocation for filming, but I couldn’t help but share the beautiful landscape I crossed before starting, with a “funny” ending, said Alexander.

“The most interesting thing about Kenning’s video clip was being able to make it in a location where it strengthened and adapted to the atmosphere of the song. The journey I traveled from my city to the exact geocalization of the set took 3h, but I would do it millions of times more precisely to relive that day full of fun with my colleagues and friends and to relive the beauty of the area.

The fact that I love very much (which can be seen in the video) is the unexpected strong wind that gave an extra movement to the images, even if, at first, it had discouraged me because I was afraid it might ruin the scene.“

Alexander also revealed the name of the featuring actor at the ending scene of the “making of“ video:

“His name is Michele Milano, drummer and the photographer of my project “Alexander Layer” a really funny sketch came out.“

Soundtrack: Alexander Layer – Huginn Vòr (Huginn Muninn)





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Photo credit: Alexander Layer

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