Alexander Layer Released Two Videos in Seven Days, Announcing the Fresh New Sound

The guitarist and composer, Alessandro De Fusco (Alexander Layer), was very busy at his studio during the previous months. The artist revealed that he is working on a new material which is, according to his words, going to bring some changes to the sound.

Alexander: “Hi Katarina, during this two – months break (sharing on my channels and live), I worked a lot in the studio with the solo project “Alexander Layer”.

There will be a lot of news in the coming months, but before revealing everything, I want to bring people closer to the new change in sound and concept by re-proposing covers and old songs, changing arrangements, tuning, musical/artistic production and collaborating, as much as possible, with other artists.

The first studio work was published on Friday 24 March, as the cover of the soundtrack of the film “V for Vendetta”, composed by Dario Marianelli.”

Evey Reborn – V for Vendetta:


Alessandro De Fusco ‘Alexander Layer’ – Guitars and Additional Production

Francesco Coia – Bass, Synths Programming, Orchestral Arrangements

Francesco Cipullo – Keyboards

Michele Milano – Drums and Drums Programming

Nicoletta Djugostran – Violin and Viola

Marta Tobar – Cello

Chiara Di Mare – Soprano

Maria “SoundsGood” – High

On Friday March 31st, Alexander released another video. The song “Last of Three Children” is taken from the album Fenrir. It is composed by Alexander Layer, four years ago.

Alexander: “The video was released with a new arrangement of my first song written four years ago (one of the tracks from my first album: Fenrir). It was the birth of the “Alexander Layer” project, back then. I am very fond of this song, because that was the start of it all.”

Alexander Layer Project – Last Of Three Children (Official Playthrough):

Videos are recorded at Michele Milano’s Studio, November 2022.

Produced, Engineered and Recorded by Alessandro De Fusco and Francesco Coia.

Mixed and Mastered by Ugo Bolzoni at Neven Records.

Alexander Layer uses “Solar Guitars” and “Chicken Picks”.

Alexander Layer discography:

Fenrir – album, 2019, Momos Production;

Huginn Muninn – digital album, 2019, Elevate Records label;

Ymir – single, 2021, Elevate Records;

Sounds From The Labs, Vol.1 – album, 2021, Elevate Records

Alessandro De Fusco, Alexander Layer








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