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Alexander Layer is a guitarist who likes to compose and experiment with new music styles. Collaboration with “Solar Guitars” gave him an opportunity to create the unique sound that gave him versatility in various musical genres. He released the two demos, both composed and recorded in his studio.

My collaboration with “Solar Guitars” started about a year ago. I am very happy to have chosen this brand because it manages to give me comfort, and at the same time, versatility in various musical genres.

Being a guitarist who really likes to compose and experiment with new styles, always giving priority to melody, I needed a guitar that would represent me aesthetically, sound and tone.

Another beautiful aspect of this instrument is the design and the colors that to my taste are very refined and elegant even on the various heavy metal, said Alexander.

Alexander Layer

Recently, you became an agent in Soundsrock Agency.

The beginning of this new job in the “Soundsrock Agency” consists in the management and events part for emerging bands, therefore an agency that offers services to all bands in various styles.

You give a special thanks to your friend and a musician Andrea Lanzillo, who is also a promoter at Soundsrock Academy. You know him for a long time..

Yup! Andrea is one of my best friends, besides taking care of all the management part of my solo project in “Elevate Records” he is the director of the Lizard Academy in Rome and is the director of the Soundsrock Agency. After various collaborations in recent years, a strong friendship was born between us so in addition to working together we are very close.

Alexander Layer & Andrea Lanzillo

These days you are working on your new solo album. Will it be a natural follow-up of your earlier ones? Do you plan some new elements in the sound and style?

From the beginning of summer I started composing and pre producing new songs with a different sound from previous works. I have taken care of many details in the composition, and I am giving the light to a more cinematic impact, from warmer colors, for the rest – it will all be a surprise!!

Alessandro De Fusco, aka Alexander Layer released two albums: Fenrir, March 23, 2019 – produced by Momos Production and Huginn Muninn, digital album, November 9, 2019  via Elevate Records label.

Photo credits: Michele Milano, Alessandro De Fusco


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