Black River Release New Single “Joker“ Featuring Behemoth And Dimmu Borgir Members

Polish rock/metal/punk combo Black River – feat. Behemoth bass player ORION, and Dimmu Borgir drummer DARAY – have unleashed their new single ‘Joker’, via Crusader Records / Golden Robot Records.

 “Joker“ describes how we live in a seemingly nice world, where we can focus on self-development, earning money, and gigantic compulsive consumption; but in reality, this is an illusion that we choose to accept because it is easier to bear than the truth. ‘Joker’ is fast and furious with an aggressive punk edge to it, states the band members.

Black River are set to release their new album ‘Generation aXe’ in 2022. Vocalist Maciej Taff about Generation aXe:

“One night I woke up very angry and couldn’t sleep anymore, I realised that the level of this absurdity that surrounds us has exceeded all boundaries, that it is already unbearable, that this is not a world where we, our families and friends want to live. Half the world is starving, 70% of the population of known species have died out in the last 50 years, in many places there is nothing to breathe and the so-called civilisation does not deal with anything other than earning money at all costs. We met together and it was clear we all had the same anger, the same disagreement, the same fucking anger. We decided to express it in our music, to record a 3-4-track EP, vomit all this venom. We met for the first time during the rehearsal, we started talking, playing and … after 2 weeks we were already in the studio, instead of 3 songs we wrote 11 without calculation, in full anger. I thought when we recorded it, it would “pass”…. it hasn’t passed…!”

“Joker“ is available on all digital platforms at:

Stream ‘Joker’ on YouTube here:

In December 2021, Black River released their previous single ‘Crossover Love’ digitally:

Listen/Buy ‘Crossover Love’ here:–CL.

Black River line-up:

Maciej Taff – vocals

Piotr „Kay” Wtulich – guitar

Artur „Art” Kempa – guitar

Tomasz „Orion” Wróblewski – bass (Behemoth)

Dariusz „Daray” Brzozowski – drums (Dimmu Borgir)

More information on Black River at:


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