Clinic Storyteller Show in Rome

SoundsRock Agency and Lizzard Accademie Musicali – Academia di Roma announced the Clinic Storyteller Show featuring Diego Didi Cavallotti and Richard Meiz, the guitarist and the drummer from Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. The event is scheduled for Sunday, 21st of November 2021, at “Let It Beer“, in Rome. The Special guest is the guitarist Alexander Layer with his band.

Could you tell us a bit more about the concept and the very idea of the event?

Alexander: Hi Katarina, thanks for the interview, it is a real pleasure to be able to talk about this beautiful event that will be held in Rome on November 21st. The evening start with me with my band at the opening and various surprise!! And then there will be the show of Diego and Richard that will involve the whole place!! It will certainly be a wonderful experience to be able to meet two famous artists and members of Lacuna Coil. I will perform some of my songs from the two albums Fenrir and Huginn Muninn.

Could you introduce us to the musicians from your band?

The musicians of my band are my friends who follow and believe in my solo project, and they are: Francesco Cipullo: Keyboards, Michele Milano: Drums and Francesco Coia: Bass

Alexander Layer Band video: Heart of Angrboda, from the album Fenrir

STORYTELLER SHOW masterclass/concert

LET IT BEER, piazza delle Crociate 26/28, Rome.

21st of November, 2021

Booking info:

Lizzard: 3317153792

Let It beer to reserve seats:

Info: 3939413368

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