Cottage – Sensoriality Inspired by Nature

“Cottage is the ultimate ally of your good mood for endless natural pleasure.“

Natural, high-quality skincare brand Cottage was created in 1990 in France. Promoting a transparent, healthy beauty, Cottage is offering a range of products formulated with 97% naturally-derived ingredients. Thanks to its know-how COTTAGE is meeting a high success in over 40 countries. According to junior product manager, Solène MOTHES, the launch of COTTAGE was a real revolution in the world of hygiene: “It’s not just a hygiene product but a wave of sensoriality, a multitude of fragrances that awaken our senses, from touch to smell.

Is the trust the key word when making a bond between the brand and the customer? What else is also important?

Solène: Absolutely, it is very important for us to be close to our customers. Transparency is key, on the packaging we are completely transparent about our formula as we highlight the ingredients of natural origin in green.  But trust is earned through the quality and authenticity of the products.

What is the story behind Cottage? When and why did you come up with an idea to start manufacturing beauty skin-care products?

Solène: The brand Cottage as we know it today was created in 1990. The idea was to transcribe the scents of English orchards through our shower gel, indeed the first fragrance was Peach. The launch of Cottage was a real revolution in the world of hygiene : it’s not just a hygiene product but a wave of sensoriality, a multitude of fragrances that awaken our senses, from touch to smell, a real addiction.

Inspired by nature, Cottage offers a healthy formulas, made with natural ingredients to respect nature and protect the skin, and a multitude of fragrances. It seems that there is a bit of “magic“ in every bottle of your products. What is your beauty skin-care philosophy, if I can say that way?

Solène: Taking care of ourselves is important and must be an enjoyable moment. Cottage invites you to discover a sensory paradise accessible to the whole family and for all tastes.

You seem very passionate about your work by choosing each fragrance and ingredient with care. You also work with the leading perfume designers in France and worldwide.  Is the fragrance selection a key step? How does your working process looks like, and do you sometimes make a perfectly balanced combination of scents by listening to the voice of the customer?

Solène: Fragrance selection is the most important step in product development. Our goal is to propose original, authentic and unique products to our customers. It is a huge collaborative work with the perfume designers to achieve the perfect scent.

Of course we pay a lot of attention to the voice of customers, we are fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate community that pushes us to constantly improve.

Cottage in the World:

Could you introduce us to the creative team of Cottage?

Solène: Our creative Team is composed of 3 people:

– 2 products manager who have recently joined the team : Benjamin and Solène working mainly on product developpement.

– 1 Marketing Director : Sandrine, who knows the brand better than anyone and continues to make it grow thanks to her vast knowledge of the market.

Cottage has opted for an extra-gentle formula that is respectful of both – skin and nature. It is made of 97% ingredients of natural origin, and easily biodegradable. Connected to that – being in harmony with nature is being in a harmony with our inner-self. What do you think about that matter?

Solène: We are fully aware that we must protect our planet as well as we take care of ourselves. It is our goal to allow customers to feel confortable and safe when using our products while controlling their impact on the environnement.

There’s an Art in everything that we create with Passion and Love. What is the main “essence“ that makes Cottage creatively unique?

Solène: Cottage is unique by its fragrances : original, tasty, powerful and figurative perfumes are all the art of Cottage. Thanks to its inimitable bottle with 1001 colors that makes it so special, you can’t help but want the whole collection!

Cottage, photo credit: Solène MOTHES, COTTAGE France


“… It’s not just a natural product, but healthy formulas, made with natural ingredients to respect nature and protect the skin.

… It’s not just a shower gel or body care, but a wave of sensory experiences that bring the joy of nature to your daily life.“

COTTAGEMade in France:

Panther Group is a family business company, based closed to Bordeaux.  All formulas, bottles and packs are produced and assembled in France.

A natural ingredients formula*

Maximum softness with minimum ingredients. With 97% ingredients of natural origin* and easily biodegradable, Cottage has opted for an extra-gentle, less-is-more formula that is respectful of both your skin and nature for even more softness.

Neutral pH for the skin. Tolerance tested under dermatological supervision. Readily biodegradable formula. 100% recyclable bottle and cap.

From 2010, Cottage is concerned about limiting the environmental impact of its products. Following an ecodesign study, the company has focused since 2010 on minimizing bottle weight as much as possible. Thus, Cottage saves up to 15% on plastic per bottle, also developing large sizes.

The tests: Before marketing, the safety and efficacy of all new formulas are tolerance tested under dermatological supervision. Shower gels are also specifically tested to check that they are easily biodegradable and have no negative impact on the environment.

COTTAGE … It’s not just a fragrance, but a multitude of fragrances that awaken our senses, from touching to smelling, a true addiction.

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