DAIMOS: Prism – Reflecting the Colors of Music

Daimos is a music project that combines rock and metal music. It was developed by composer and guitarist Frieder Braune, from Germany. Gathering the great number of artists, Frieder recorded a debut album, Prism. “Twenty – six great musicians worked for months, really hard, and it took almost two years to develop, record, mix, and master the album.”, said Frieder.

Brief review:

Prism is a passionate and interesting piece of work. An impressive number of musicians who shared their chemistry with an author’s vision, made this album even more poetic. Different styles of rock and metal music represent the author’s perspective on today’s world. Album is a kind of mystical journey through the valley of emotions. Alluring ballads poured with a powerful sound make this musical journey a unique adventure. Each of the instrument tells a story and gives the light to the notion the album hold. One could easily find himself in a wood full of creatures and surrounded by legends. The album is, yet, expressed in modern narrative. The author sets the listener in the middle of the musical crossword puzzle, wisely balancing between the heavy riffs and the ethereal melodies.

Your first album „Prism“ includes an impressive number of musicians, and it has very different styles. What was the main idea behind the story of Daimos and the album?

At first, thank you for having me and the possibility for this interview.

I just wanted to develop music without being bound by any limits. So I thought, if I was going to make an album, it would be with as many different ideas as possible.

What do you think about the importance of sharing the same creative energy with the artists you work with on the album? What was your experience?

If it doesn’t match, it’s like being a painter between tattoo artists. Both are creative minds, but in a completely different way. In the case of Daimos it was very important to share the same level of creativity to create very different songs. It just worked, because everyone involved was open minded and could feel what was happening in the storys.

You’ve already published three singles: The Hunt, Call of the Mountain and Home. It sounds very different – there is a bit of darkness behind the melodies, but yet, it is very melodic. What inspired you the most, when you created the album?

There was – and still are – very often a lot of hard and dramatic times, that forced me to overthink my life over and over again, drastically. Music helps me not to break from it and this can be heard in the music and lyrically. So i think it’s the everyday life, that inspires me most.

Who produced the album?

I did. It was pretty hard to push the album from the raw demo status to the level on that Prism is now for a producing noob like me. I had to read a lot about mixing and mastering, watched tons of videos and get in touch with people who could give me advice and helped me to develop the project further.

When will you release Prism? Do you have some plans when it comes to the promotion?

The release is set to the end of October, 2021. More information and a fix date will be announced, soon. The way of promotion will be on some special platforms and  interviews and reviews.

Frieder Braune – Daimos

What do you think of today’s music scene, and is there any band or a musician that you appreciate?

The music scene of today is fantastic! There are so many different and special genres, great bands with a lot of passion and a world full of talent. Yes indeed, there are a lot of musicians that i appreciate. Starting with My Own Ghost, Eyes Shut Tight, to everyone of the over twenty musicians involved on Prism and many many others.

What are your favorite bands and music of all time, and how does it impact you?

Actually it’s Unleash The Archers and the way they create their songs. They wrote a phenomenal storyline splitted in two records. They have a lot of energy, a great sense for a dramatic turn of events and how to touch people. They’re just awesome to me.

Thank you, Frieder. Best wishes!

It was great to talk to you! Thank you for the interview!

DAIMOS Musicians:

Vocals: Roy Burkhardt (Syntension)

Bass Guitar: Sven DeCorte (SORROWNIGHT)

Keyboards: Robert Sann (Orbit Room, Claya)

Clarinet: Christine Shadow (SORROWNIGHT)

Oboe: Mykyta Sierov

Trombone: Peter Kluge

Flute: Dorothea Eberlein

Guitar: Daimos

Musicians on Prism:

Vocals: Veri Jumala (SORROWNIGHT), Tom Windberg (Claya), Urko Onaindia, Ritchie Azul (Locked And Loaded), Roy Burkhardt (Synthonia), Lucia Herda (Noah Crow), Infected Steffi (Infected Authoritah, Eraser)

Guitars: Lady Catman (She’s Got Balls), Philip Vianden, Rio Wolfhart (Wolvespirit), Robert Graefe, Luca LS

Keyboards: Robert Sann (Orbit Room), Markus Schweitzer (Under My Surface), Christine Shadow (SORROWNIGHT)

Bassguitars: Sven DeCorte (SORROWNIGHT), Hensen Scheibler-Krawuttke (Under My Surface), Robert Boddin , Infected Steffi (Infected Authoritah, Eraser), Peter Gesang

Clarinet: Christine Shadow (SORROWNIGHT); Oboe: Mykyta Sierov; Viola: Lev Guzman; Saxophone: Babette Lauenstein (Chameleon Walk); Trombone: Peter Kluge; Percussion: Eric Schmidt (Scurra); Banjo: Ralf Sideburn (SIDEBüRNS, Cowboy Bob And Trailer Trash); Flute: Dorothea Eberlein; Vocals: Urko Onaindia; Bass Guitars: Sven DeCorte; Keyboards: Robert Sann; Viola: Lev Guzman; Oboe: Mykyta Sierov; Guitars: Daimos



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