Flowers by Alexander Layer

Alexander Layer, the guitarist and a composer from Italy, released his new original song Flowers, consisting of modal progressions, rhythm guitar in delay arpeggios, and hints of chromatic phrases in, according to the Artist words, a wonderful flowery stage.

I composed this song by choosing this spring flowered park. Usually, spring is the season of good wishes, especially the peach tree.. which in many parts of the world is a strongly positive symbol. I have dedicated these notes to each of you to make room for positivity, which unfortunately is lacking a bit for everyone due to the current situation we are experiencing, said Alexander.  

Alessandro De Fusco aka Alexander Layer, is an Italian guitarist, student at the Conservatory of Music “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples, and Lizard Academy in Rome. His musical influences are heavy, power and progressive metal, and classic music. His music reflects his love for Nature. His guitar is often a narrator of Celtic and Norse mythological stories.

Albums: Fenrir, released March 23, 2019 – produced by Momos Production; Huginn Muninn, digital album, released November 9, 2019 – Elevate Records label

Alexander Layer photo by Michele Milano

Flowers – mixed and mastered: Alexander Layer – Studio; Editing/Colorist – Alexander Layer

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