HIM – Love Metal

Love Metal is the fourth studio album by Finnish rock band HIM. The band entered Finnvox Studios in September 2002 with producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, who had previously worked on the group’s 1997 debut album. Musically Love Metal featured more heavy  and rock sound, inspired by the band’s early influences. Love Metal received positive reviews from critics, and charted in eleven countries, reaching number one in Finland and Germany.

Ville Valo announced the album during our interview in Slovakia back in 2002, on the 5th of July. Here is the part of an interview:

Videosound: What an impact has the commercial success on a band, artistically?

Ville Valo: Do you know the band Slipknot? I’d say that they are not very commercial in a very traditional Bryan Adams sort of a way, but they made it into number 1 in England. The whole thing is that the people decide what’s popular. You can try to get together a plan before a release of an album, and try to be as popular as possible, and commercial as possible… But, I’m really happy about it, actually. It is very good for a change to have so rough and so weird bands doing that – being successful as Shakira, for instance… It’s nice to see the top five being Kylie Minogue with „Can’t get you out of my head“, and having like Slipknot, and Linkin Park, or whomever…

Videosound: What can we expect from the new album? What genre, what sort of music will it be?

Ville Valo: Love metal. It is basically how we started. But, you know, we’ve grown up a bit… Just a bit… Tiny little bit. We know a bit better how to play our instruments, and hopefully we know a bit more about writing and performing the music. And hopefully, it’s going to show on the album. The sound is going to be very varied. Poppy things, and very rough and heavy things, and everything in between.

Slovakia, the 5th of July, 2002. Hotel Zlatý Býk, Rimavska Sobota

Love Metal went platinum in Finland and gold in Germany, and three singles were released, with “The Funeral of Hearts” peaking at number one in Finland. Directed by Stefan Lindfors, the video for the song was later awarded: Best Video at the 2004 Kerrang! Awards.

Extract from the TV show: Videosound Special – Rock Pop Corgon festival, Rimavska Sobota

Rock Pop Corgon festival, Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia, the 5th of July, 2002.


Journalist: Katarina Misailović; Camera: Boris Stanković

“The Sacrament”, album: Love Metal, 2003.

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