LAD PETE: Authentic Rock ’n Roll – Keep it Natural

The pretty unique music duo on today’s music scene, Lad Pete, started in 2020, as a side project of mates Veri Jumala and Marky Hillton, members of the band Sorrownight. Inspired mainly by artists like Oasis, Tom Petty, and the Beatles, they recorded their first, self-made debut album “ Songs for the Bumblebee“, in July 2021.

Acording to the band members, they recorded the album on an oldschool Tascam Tapedeck.

„Recording everything on simple cassette tapes could be understood as the main key to LAD PETEs philosophy: Use what you have at the moment and try to make something good of it.“

In the tradition of the well known acts from 50s till 90s, Lad Pete don’t miss out anything to achieve the special kind of passion for melody and quality by doin it in their own way.

What’s the story of Lad Pete? What was your creative idea behind making the band?

Veri: When we met for Sorrownight-rehearsals I realized that Marky and I share the same idea of Rock’n Roll and fun when it comes to making music. So I started writing some demos and showed them to him with the intention to start a new project with this kind of spirit. We just wanted to try something out. And in the end it was pretty fun.

The album is very authentic. You brought the music listener to the very essence of rock, and the magic of making the music record. You recorded the album in a traditional, rock n roll way. What was the idea?

Marky: Thank you! In fact, the idea was to keep it natural. And it still is! We feel that many listeners are fed up with computerized unnatural crap where no one really has a relationship to. So we are. You rarely find energy and attitude in recordings nowadays. That’s why we decided – and I love that fact about this band – to record our stuff on Cassette tapes with no more than 8 tracks (Nirvanas Bleach was recorded on a 8 track)! That means we are limited in all we do. For example we can’t place ten microphones around a drum set, we used only two. No producer or band has the balls to do this since Led Zeppelin. Some call that old school but we really feel it and do it. We did it in our rehearsal room without a studio environment. It’s like a little experiment and that’s what makes it fun and brings much of the creativity and energy. I think people realize that it is not.. let’s say ‘overproduced’ but like Beatles or early Punk Rock records. We want to prove it for ourselves that it can work like it did until the 90s and give the feeling to the listener as they were sitting next to us while recording the songs.

Marky Hillton & Veri Jumala

Who writes the music and the lyrics, and do you participate equally in the exchange of ideas?

Veri: It feels very naturally. I have most of the song ideas ready in a rough way and when we meet to play the songs we compose them together. There are also some songs we wrote together. I think it doesn’t matter at all. We just play and feel well with it. I have the feeling we do not need to talk about stuff like „hey let me write this and you can do that bla bla, cry cry“. It’s really refreshing that we just do our stuff how we want.

Could you try you describe each other? What kind of energy both of you bring to the music of Lad Pete?

Veri: Marky is very passionated about music in general. He is always ready to rock and always wants to play. He has a great sense of humor and understands this idea exactly as I do. So I know I can rely on him and we can just play Rock’n Roll and have fun without big drama and annoying s..t. He brings a straight to the point – „let’s fckn do it“ mentality to Lad Pete.

Marky: Veri has a great sense for melody and hooks and brings the biggest part of the song ideas and demos for the Lad Pete stuff. That’s very important for a band in general and corresponds to my idea of a band: you need songwriters. So I just need to spin that s..t around in my head to find sth. for arranging. So we never run out of (funny) ideas. And yeah it’s easy to get along with him. We share a passion for Kinsky, comedy and (I have to say it: German) beer. So I think we complement to each other pretty well: he comes along with most  ideas and i know how to realize them on tape.

You’ve had your first gig (Thüringer Messetage, Erfurt, Germany). What are your impressions? What was the audience responce, since this kind of music is quite different from the one, you make with the other bands you play with?

Veri: It was great. We had a lot of fun this afternoon. It was really good to play our songs the first time live and start the chapter of Lad Pete this way. I think the people like the music because it’s fun and makes you move and feel good. I don’t think that the people think about Sorrownight when we hit the stage. We introduce them to a world of good old „You like it? Great! Let’s sing together – You don’t like it? Fck off then!“

Marky: Greatest thing was that we met a few people there who could be able to help us a little in the near future to build up our dream.

Veri: Songs for the Bumblebee – straight to the point. Yellow background with flowers, a bumblebee on it. We like to create things that will stick in your mind. And I think this album cover is one of those things. As the music is. It’s simple but rememberable.

What are your favorite bands and music of all time, and how does it impact you?

Veri: I could name a lot here. But I will break it down to a few: Oasis, The Streets, HIM, CKY, Beatles. In general I like music that is straight to the point. No big mathematics in it that calculate a guitar solo. I’m really melody addicted and for me a good song needs a good hook and something that will be in your ears for days, weeks or at best years. All in all the impact of music is not bound to a certain genre or feeling or whatever. It is just the attitude and what it offers in a holistic way. It inspires me and just makes me want to go on and create own music and rock for myself.

Mark: I’m a classic rock fanatic..I think my all time favorite is Nirvana. This band made me want to play bass and drums and write songs. I still get inspired when listening to their music. They make me feel that I can do that too. Lol.

Veri and I share the britpop thing.

Photo: Gigi

From your perspective, do you think that the people are exactly what they listen to?

Veri: No. Lot of people just listen to „something“, „everything“ or „nothing“ in the end. Everybody listens to „Wonderwall“ by Oasis – lot of people don’t even have a little spark of the attitude behind it in themselves. Some people listen to „Join Me“ by HIM and don’t even know it is by HIM. And most of the people listen to whatever is on air just because they don’t care. I think everybody could be a fan of some special band or artist. And then maybe they would be exactly what they are listening too. But in my opinion a lot people are just too boring to be something that they are listening too.

What can we expect in the next days from you guys?

Veri: We want to show what rock’n roll is about in our minds. Without any fancy s..t. Just doing whatever we want, whenever we want and with the stuff we can use. That’s it. We want to have fun. We are already working on new songs for the next album. And there will be some visual content too.

Thank you guys, and best wishes!

Veri: Thanks for having us. Cheers!

Marky: Thanks for the interview.

Lad Pete photos: Gigi

Video “Singers Hill” by Gigi and Veri Jumala; Filmed by: Gigi




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