LAD PETE Released the New Single/Video – RADIO

Lad Pete, shared the new single “Radio”, from their first album – Songs for the Bumblebee (2021).

“It tells the story about the passion and the authenticity of radio stations that seem to have died. I miss the spirit on the radio, it is the hook-line, and that is what it’s all about.” said Veri Jumala, the singer and the guitarist.

“We really miss the true rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere, creative radio DJs with an inspiring character and playlists that are chosen by themselves and not some producers in the back. We miss the dirty sound, the overdrive, the soul, the difference that a good station can make. It’s just the same old song in stereo – no flame or passion there to tame.

We decided to create the video on our own without any budget. We just took a camcorder, recorded some footage of a rehearsal session, performed a bit for the song and added some stock footage while trying to make it look a bit fancy, dynamic and honest. It’s plain, simple and straight to the point. As our music and philosophy is. What you can see in the video is what we are doing. It is how we look, play and rock also live on stage. And it shows one thing that is important for us: we just want to play our music.

A fun fact about the song Radio: It was our first song that was played on a major radio station here in Germany. We chose Radio for it when the station asked because we thought it would be fun to let a station play a song that criticizes radio stations.

Veri Jumala, said that LAD PETE had a lot of fun this year. The band played about 20 gigs, and they seemed to be very happy with how it turned out.

“We played our Tour called No Burger No Soundcheck in different regions of Germany and there are still some dates on the list. Our next gig is on Sunday (02.10) followed by the 8.10 and the 22.10. There will be another concert in November and we already have planned some stuff for next year. We are about to record some new songs and we have a lot of hot material. There is no stop for now. We are rolling and we like it.The Lad Pete Story has just begun – that’s for sure.”

Video ‘Radio’, directed by: Hillton & Jumala

Lad Pete is a rock band from Erfurt, Germany. They started in 2020, as a side project of mates Veri Jumala (vocals, guitar) and Marky Hillton (drums, bass), members of the band Sorrownight. Inspired mainly by artists like Oasis, Tom Petty, and the Beatles, the band released their first, self-made debut album “Songs for the Bumblebee“, in July 2021. They recorded the album on an oldschool Tascam Tapedeck.

Lad Pete’s philosophy – Use what you have at the moment, and try to make something good of it.

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