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An Italian musician/record producer and the composer – Mr. Jack (Salvatore Vecchiariello), is working on some new music projects, these days. Recently, he joined the guitarist Assunto Jasco for the music project Apollo Notes. He also became a member of the band Ice Suckers. According to the musician, the new music is on its way, as well as his new solo album Destiny and Hope.

A lot of things are going on while working as a musician. As your new solo album is taken to its final touches, you surprised your followers with something different. Some fresh new projects are on the way. How do you manage to  do so many things simultaneously? What motivates you the most?

Mr. Jack: Here we are dear! Thank you so much for the invitation, first of all! Cheers to all the readers! So, look, definitely a passion for music! Whenever a new project or whatever comes up, I jump in 100% with all of myself and get fully involved! I love my job and I do it with enthusiasm! Any new proposal is always welcome! There are times when you just can’t take it anymore, but you get your strength back and you always keep going great! Maybe I have a battery hidden somewhere that recharges me every day to do all these things, ahahahahah! All kidding aside, yes, passion definitely gives me that drive to give my best in everything!

Could you tell us a bit more about the Apollo Notes? What it is all about?

Mr.Jack: Thank you so much for the question! It’s actually a brand new project that I’m very excited about! It’s a musical project, created together with my dear friend and great guitarist Asso Jasco! We’ve been playing together for years and we decided to create something different, putting aside for a moment metal and its various derivations, and write some songs more on rock/pop, to range even with musical thoughts and reach as many people as possible! We are just the two of us, a voice and a guitar and I must say that, already from the first single released a short time ago “Fade Away” is having a great response! I really like to vary genres, collaborate with other artists, etc., and the Apollo Notes project will surely give me new lifeblood to compose music, together with Asso, even in this musical genre.

Apollo Notes

Wanikiya Record – the music and merchandise, can be found at the Crash Sound Distribution – shop, online store. Among other things, there is one that caught my attention – it is the band Ice Suckers. An interesting band that brings their music back to the 80’s with a mix of heavy, glam and hard rock. Recently, you joined the band, and now you are working on the new music together. What can you tell us about that collaboration and the music?

Mr. Jack: Yes! With my record label, I’m really having great satisfaction! We have exceeded 50 albums produced in 5 years! And I’m very happy about it! In addition to our stores, in Italy and Japan, we have also started to collaborate with the guys from Crash Sound Distribution! I’m really happy and I thank Leandro for believing in my label, opening a showcase in his store! For the Ice Suckers issue, well, I’m over the moon! Everything started from Luigi LGD of the band Anguish Force, who had created this project with heavy and glam sounds, in full 80’s style and after the first album, with guests etc., he decided to create a fixed line-up and called me as the singer of the band! I have always loved that kind of music, in full Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Skid Row etc. style! At the moment, we are recording this second album, and sincerely, it’s coming out, really a beautiful work! Great band, great musicians and great sound! Soon, surely there will be some good news!


You are working on your new album, Destiny and Hope, these days. During our latest interview, you said the record is going to be very personal and made of interesting topics. Are  you satisfied with the working process so far?

Mr. Jack: The album is in the working process and really a lot of good stuff is coming out of it! The guests (which I will announce in a few months, along with the cover) are doing a really great job! Yes, it will be a very personal album, like the previous “Long Road”, it will be a kind of follow up to the long road to the goal of my life! Exactly “Destiny and Hope”, will bring the listener to the understanding of hope, which is sometimes needed, to face our destiny, in a world full of problems and adventures! There will be no shortage of ballads, great riffs, legendary solos, choruses, amazing melodies and great soungwriting! I can’t wait to let you hear the result, (which will probably be released next album), but it will be worth it! There will be great artists, great friends and together, we will create another wonderful musical work!

Thank you, Mr Jack!

Mr.Jack: Thank you dear Katarina, and a mega greeting to all readers of Videosound Art Magazine and all friends from Serbia!!!

Mr. Jack is a singer, musician, vocal coach, record producer, composer. He started his career at the age of 14, and after some collaborations, he founded the band IRON HEART at the age of 19. The band supported many national and Deep Purple, Skanners, Joe Lynn Turner… He works  with many great and talented musicians, such as Mistheria, Alexander Layer, Marty Friedman, Ralf Sheepers, Enzo Donnarumma, Freddy Delirio, Philip Bynoe.. Mr. Jack created his record label “Wanikiya Records“ in order to promote artsts from all over the world.

After the great success of the previous release – “Long Road”, with many guests such as: Mistheria (Vivaldi Metal Project – Bruce Dickinson), Freddy Delirio (Death SS – Freddy Delirio and the Phantom), Alexander Layer , Tomas Valentini (Skanners), Raffaele Raffo Albanese ( From The Depth), Steve Volta (Perpetual Fire – Pino Scotto), and many others, these days, Mr. Jack is working on the new music for his upcoming album “Destiny and Hope“. According to the artist, it will be a project full of surprises, and will include some extraordinary guests and many friends and colleagues from the music scene.


Photo credit: Imma Losano, Mr. Jack


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