Nino Dani – On The Surface

Nino Dani, is the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who recently shared the new track “On the Surface”. He worked on the song with the prominent record producer John Fryer, best known for his collaboration with Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, HIM, Nine Inch Nails…

A month ago, you released your third single, On the Surface. It seems that you get very good feedback from the audience and the music critics. What is your opinion about the whole thing? Are you satisfied so far?

Nino: Actually, I didn’t expect all that positive feedback, but I really enjoy it of course. Also built a larger fanbase and also all that positive feedback keeps me going on to work more on my music.

Can you tell us a bit more about the music you create? What is your artistic perspective on the things in life that draw your attention?

Nino: My songs are quite personal. They are mostly about personal situations and emotional situations I’ve been in. Obviously, my music has more melancholic notes and in general I’m a melancholic person. People usually do mistake melancholy for sadness or “suffering”, actually melancholy is when you know things are gonna be alright sooner or later.

Does the music you listen to determine, in some way, your creative style? What music style inspires you the most?

Nino: I listen to a lot of genres, but of course I’m mostly into Metal /Rock music. In my teenage been listening to a lot of Black Metal, later I got more “melodic” and experiencing different genres of rock/metal.

Nino Dani – photo by Intoerlin studio

Did you miss the concerts during the previous time? Are there any plans for the live promotion?

Nino: Yes, I missed them, I also miss them now as I don’t play that often because lately, I’m more focused on writing new music and also growing the audience online (which is the hardest thing for me to do). I plan on playing few shows around Europe in 2023. Also, in few local clubs here, starting in January.

I have a band for playing live gigs of course, but I’m active as a solo artist. Getting a band is really hard, probably no one would work that hard on getting the band going on so that’s why I decided to getting recognized as a solo artist and not a band.

Are you working on the album, maybe?

Nino: I’m working for a new single which may be out in January possibly, also on an EP after that. As well I’m planning to put out some merch, I never done it before.

Cover photo: Intoerlin studio

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