Ritual Effect sign with Split Screen Management

Dublin based Ritual Effect signed a contract with Split Screen Management. As they claim, the new EP is coming soon.

The band stated on the signing:

“We are delighted to have joined forces with Split Screen Management. It’s been a quiet year at Ritual Effect HQ and we are looking forward to making some noise again very soon!”

Ritual Effect  from Dublin, fuse aspects of grunge and metal together with catchy riffs, fast paced songs, driving choruses and high energy shows. Since the band’s inception in late 2017, they have written a massive amount of songs, clocked up a hefty amount of gigs. They have been invited back everywhere that they have played, receiving enthusiastic feedback from far and wide. Each band member has previously written and recorded with different ensembles around the country, but none could resist the call to join this new music family, as stated. Each member of the band has his unique style and qualities. Their associates claim that they are professional to work with, fun to hang out with, and „awesome to witness“.

2019 saw the band enter the studio for their first serious project, their debut album “Fossils”. This 15 track album is a heavy, melodic nod to their past and sets the pace for a higher speed. The band is finishing their new EP, and it will hit the shelves in 2021.

Watch the videos, taken from the debut album “Fossils”: ‘Four Point Zero’ –

‘Juice’ – https://youtu.be/Mmsc7PcCXRw

‘Swinger’ – https://youtu.be/BSjGRP3BAS0

‘Smear Campaign’ – https://youtu.be/BQf1HD6Kv64

More information at:

BAND: www.facebook.com/RitualEffe

MANAGEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/SplitScreenManagement | http://www.splitscreen-management.com

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