Rock Band Arzén from Slovakia Released the New Song “Kamaráti”

Arzén, photo: Jana Michálková (during the filming of the video)

Rock band, Arzén, from Terchova/Žilina, released a video clip for their new song Kamaráti. The song was written during the lockdown. It captures the feelings and the atmosphere of our life stories and situations. Pavol Palo Cabadaj, the author of the music and partially the lyrics, was once again inspired by the folklore of Terchova. Jana Michálková filmed and directed the video.

Pavol Cabadaj: “I wrote the song Kamaráti during the lockdown. I experienced the most difficult period of my life at that time, not only because we couldn’t play, but also privately. My teammates and friends experienced similar difficult moments and situations, as well as the whole world. The song is basically a mirror of feelings and a statement of the time we lived through. As for the music and partially the text, I was once again inspired by our Terchov folklore, which is in my heart and accompanies me throughout my musical life. The video clip for the song Friends was made by the young talented artist Jana Michálková, who filmed and directed the whole thing.

During the year, the group Arzen played a couple of successful concerts.

Pavol: “We gladly remember the performance of the group Apocalyptica here in Terchová, where we had the opportunity to play as an opening act for them. It was a big one, an experience. It was an honor for us to play with such a great band. They are excellent musicians and, in addition, their human dimension also resonated, so we had good feelings about the whole event.

Arzén, photo: Peter Pollak (after the concert with Apocalyptica)

Pavol: “In addition to that, we played with our friends, Mad Frequency.  As for the future, if the situation allows, we would like to play as many concerts as possible. If there’s one thing I regret, it’s the canceled concert tour with the Finnish group Korpiklaani. Concerts were planned for the spring of 2020 and had to be postponed due to the pandemic. I don’t know if it will ever be possible to organize it again, but we believe that it will!”

Arzén is a rock band whose music is inspired by the folklore of Terchova. The roots of the group go back to the mid-80s, when Arzén started as a heavy metal group. The band went through many personal changes, but the rock sound has remained with the group up to now.


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