Sangvis: New Single – No Longer Afraid

After releasing their first full-length album Season One on the 7th of January, 2021. modern/melodic death metal band Sangvis released the new single No Longer Afraid. According to the bass player Konstantin Kalyanov, it is already available on all popular music platforms.

Congratulations on the new single! You’ve been very honest with your music vision and with your ideals. The song is powerful, melodically and lyrically, as well. The hypocrisy is all around us, and you said it “straight in the face“. What can you say about the song, and are you satisfied with the reception?

Thank you very much! It was nice to come back with a new track. This time the concept is much more direct than it was on “Season One”, but this is just the beginning of a new branch of the development of our narrative, oh, something I got ahead of myself. Surprisingly, the listeners took this work very warmly, although our composer and part-time vocalist on this track Roman was very worried.

Production and the mastering work is on a very high level. Who did that part and who did the single cover artwork?

George Shchelbanin was responsible for mixing and mastering this time, as well as on all our releases. He is a master of his craft, what can I add here. Michael Voronin was responsible for the cover this time. Michael has been an integral part of the group for a long time and is engaged in the design and visual part of our work. By the way, a funny fact: he was the first drummer in Sangvis (there was a funny story related to him that we told on our podcast on our YouTube channel. For those who do not understand Russian, you can turn on subtitles)

The 7th of January marked a year since releasing your debut full-length album – Season One? What happened in between, and what can we expect next from Sangvis?

Oh, it’s been over a year. A lot of things have happened in a year. First of all, we stopped working with our former vocalist Stepan (which is very sad, but unfortunately it was necessary) and focused on new material. Throughout the year, Roman constantly sent and showed demos of new tracks, and we already have enough of them for a big major release. Now we are working on forming a new concept for releases and we will try not to disappoint all those who are waiting for the logical evolution of our sound!

Mixing/mastering: George Shchelbanin

Cover: Michael Voronin

Photo credit: Sangvis

Sangvis is a modern/melodic death metal band formed in a small town near Tula, Russia in 2009. Current members are: Roman Zotov (guitars, vocals), Vyacheslav Sigaylov (guitars), Konstantin Kalyanov (bass). Former member: Stepan Zuyev (vocals).

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