Sangvis – New single – Make some Noise

Inspired by Art Noir, modern /melodic death metal band Sangvis released the new single – Make Some Noise, couple of days ago.

“Make some noise“ is a part of a concept. Every month they release a new song, where each one tells a story. Also, every song has a backstory video comic.

„Since April, we’ve been releasing a sequence of metal tracks united by an overarching story inspired by the themes and aesthetics of film Noir. Each new song told a part of the narrative from the point of view of a different character, and now it has come to an end, as all stories must. In this last song, we’re not wearing any masks – this is the musician’s story. He’s playing in a half-empty bar in the middle of the night, he knows he’s not gonna get much out of this show, but he’s here…  You know him well, his face has the features of all the forgotten musicians who looked at you from the posters on the wall in your teenage room, his is the voice that consoled you when the times were tough, and filled you with anger when the time was right to be angry, his fingers remember all the chords that resonate in your soul. He’s our tribute to all the artists who inspired us, no matter how small and fleeting was the influence, no matter whether we acknowledged it at all. He’s our way of saying thank you, but also a way to channel our own experience as a band. It’s the last song in our series, but it’s not the last song of his.“


Sangvis is a modern/melodic death metal band formed in a town near Tula, Russia in 2009. Current members are: Roman Zotov (guitars), Vyacheslav Sigaylov (guitars), Stepan Zuyev (vocals), Konstantin Kalyanov (bass). Right now the band is in the process of releasing their first full-length album. They’ve already released five singles: Cure for the Soul, Femme Fatale, Last Day Home, Just a Job, and Make some Noise.

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