Sangvis – Season One

Sangvis released the first full-length album “Season One”. It combines a series of songs that were initially released throughout 2020, as a series of singles, each accompanied by a story video – said Roman Zotov, the lead guitarist and the main composer of the band to Videosound Art Magazine.

“Inspired by the themes and aesthetics of film noir, the narrative takes place overnight in a dive bar on the outskirts of sprawling metropolis, where each character (based on cinematic archetypes) tells their part of the overarching story to the bartender. As all songs are first-person -perspective narratives, with our music we tried to capture the tone and emotional message of each story, channeling their cinematic, yet deeply personal experiences with our particular brand of modern metal.

Right now we’re taking things slow after the intense period of production and releases. Currently, our focus is on the promotion of the album and additional content. No plans for live shows just yet, and as for the new material—we’ll see when we all have had a rest, the dust is settled and we can put things into perspective.“

Sangvis is a modern/melodic death metal band formed in a town near Tula, Russia in 2009. Current members are: Roman Zotov (guitars), Vyacheslav Sigaylov (guitars), Stepan Zuyev (vocals), Konstantin Kalyanov (bass). They’ve already released the singles (album Season One): Cure for the Soul, Femme Fatale, Last Day Home, Just a Job, Make some Noise.

Sangvis – Season One (2021)

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