Sorrownight – The Sound of Melancholy and Romance

Sorrownight is a dark rock band from Erfurt, Germany. Founded in june 2015, the band took it’s time to publish first demo songs and to present themselfes on stage. In 2016, they released the EP Hellish sacrifice, followed by the debut album Unknown presence in April 2019.

Sorrownight’s sound is the combination of heavy guitars and drums with playfull bass guitar, surrounding keyboard sounds and authentic vocals.The catchy melodies and heavy instrumentals are combined with the feeling of melancholy and romance.

The band released their new EP “Acoasma”, on the 26th of February, 2021. They’ve already performed some of the tracks live for the first time as demo versions at the end of 2019. Both – the audience and the music critics accepted it very well. According to the vocalist Veri Jumala, they are pretty satisfied with the sound of the songs after the recording and mixing process.

Maybe even more than that, said Jumala. When we played the songs for the first time live there was no real idea of how this will turn out. We were not finished with writing the songs. There was no complete structure and there also were no finished lyrics. I made up most of the words live on stage as an improvisation. But it helped us to realise how they could feel. And it turned out way better than we expected. We are actually a bit surprised how good it turned out in the end and we are happy that our new recording is accepted so well. Thanks for this by the way.

Even though this global situation was difficult for many musicians, you seemed pretty busy in previous months. How did you manage to get all the music and the EP done? Was it hard for the band?

Yes and no. It was and still is hard for us as a band. We are not able to rehearse and play the new stuff together. It also was hard to record the EP. It is often easier if you are able to meet, talk and develop the new songs together and not only via messenger, phone calls, E-Mails or whatever. Because you can see the reactions and feel the emotions of everyone in the band and make the songs better for everyone. But on the other side it was easy because we were able to take our time and do everything we wanted without any pressure or deadline. If you are bound to, let me say, your home office then you begin to become even more creative because you want to entertain yourself while working on this stuff. That’s a pretty cool side effect for me. I wrote a lot of new songs, recorded and produced our new EP and even started some new projects. I am hyped to work on these creative ideas.

Did you create your art philosophy even on your first EP? Dark gothic rock with the sense of melancholy in it… Would you add something to that description, and what would you say about the vibe that your new EP gives to the listener?

I think this philosophy existed inside my mind already years before we recorded our first EP and even way before Sorrownight was founded. I have a big influence from this kind of music and lifestyle. I grew up with the early 2000 Bam Margera / CKY stuff and I am still into it. But besides this I already loved the combination of sweet melancholy, heartache and kick ass Rock’n Roll with Heavy Instrumentals and still cosy singalong melodies. We had this Idea in mind when we founded the Band back in 2015. I hope that people are able to identify with our music. However they prefer to do it. For me it is important that everybody can experience their own stories with our sound and lyrics. That is the same with the new EP. I hope that it gives an individual vibe that make you dream and feel whatever you want to dream and feel about.

Can you introduce us to each member of Sorrownight?  How would you describe each one of you, and what everyone, individually, brings to the final sound of  the band?

“Well, let’s start with Christine Shadow on Keyboard. She has a classical education when it comes to music and she brings a good soul and calm down atmosphere to the band. I think without her the rehearsal room and the instruments would burn down every second week.

Marky Hillton, our drummer, and I would probably be to blame for this. He is a real Rock’n Roll kind of guy with his whole idea of making music and the lifestyle of it. He’s also a good mate of mine and we have another Rock’n Roll Project together as a two man band. He is really energetic and pushes us to some limits and he is making us laugh with his humor.

For me the lifestyle and whole philosophy is pretty important too. Music is my life and I try to live and show this with everything I have. But I think I am the one who brings the whiny and melancholy tune to the band.

Then we have our master on the bass, Sven Crow. He has a lot of experience and skill on his instrument and he takes it really serious to bring it on the record and on stage. He is a big metal fan and he let it flow into the style of Sorrownight. You can trust him for sure when it comes to rocking the Bass Guitar. And he is a really kind person.

Everyone of them is also a friend. We are not only musicians coming together to play some music. We support each other.

I hope the same will happen with our new guitar player, Aschmodai . I can’t say a lot about him. We only met him about two or three times. But it feels right with him and I think the band will be on a new level. He seems to know exactly what he is doing and I have the feeling that he is hungry. You will feel it too, soon.

Is it hard for an artist these days? From your perspective, do you sometimes need to make some compromises, or do you believe that you have to fight for your artistic freedom?

For me it is pretty important to do whatever you want to do when it comes to creative creations. Just do what you feel. This is a really important aspect for Sorrownight. Take your instrument, write from your heart, just make music as you want to. But yeah, it is hard. Because a lot of the other bands and musicians just do what it takes to become famous and get gigs, money and airplay. They don’t create what they like, they just create what works. And the problem is that the people don’t care anymore. That means if you transform your music, ideas and your band into a business and a company without meaning what you are doing, you will have more success nowadays. And this sucks.

Veri Jumala, photo by Mario Monecke

What music inspires you the most, what bands and artists do you like the most?

A lot of different bands, musicians and genres. Just to name a few: HIM, Paradise Lost, Kill Hannah, Type O Negative, The Streets, Sleaford Mods, Oasis, Travis, Gorillaz, Die Ärzte, CKY, Maid Of Ace, Sum 41, Tom Petty, Elvis, Anathema, 69 Eyes, The Beatles…

How do you feel about today’s global music scene, and are there any new bands or musicians that draws your attention?

I think it is good that nowadays everybody who wants to create creative things is able to do it. And the best thing is that you are even able to publish it on your own and present it to the world. Of course there is a lot of shit but it always was and always will be. But let’s be honest: It is great to just go online on youtube or whatever and find new musicians, bands, videos, songs or whatever.  But I see a problem with how people understand music nowadays. Often it is just something for the background without any passion for the artist. Most people don’t care anymore and they don’t realize music as work. Unfortunately this is getting worse when it comes to the mainstream. But let’s see what happens.

When you mean a new artist that really is existing only for a few years or something I only can think about Billy Nomates. She is a british musician and her Debut Album dropped in 2020. There are also Maid Of Ace and Sleaford Mods but they are around some years longer already. But still it is kind of new to me and it draws my attention.

What can you tell about your plans connected to the EP? Is there any  indication when it comes to the promotion of the release?

We had many radio interviews in Germany before the release and we are still rolling when it comes to promoting the EP. We now try to push it out to other countries. Let’s see how it works out for us. Maybe there will be a music video. But I can only say maybe because it is not easy at the moment. I think there will be some play along videos or acoustic versions or something like this. There is no big plan at the moment. We just want to show what we have created and make it possible for the people to listen to it. There are already new ideas in our minds and this was only one big step towards the next one.

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Sorrownight photo: Jana de Corte

Label: Dark Poets Society

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