St. Aurora released their first video

Helsinki based alternative rock band St. Aurora released the official video for their debut single “Falling (Just Another Way To Fly)”.

St. Aurora, was founded by the bassist Ero Lamberg and the drummer Walter Kousa in early 2020. They got in touch with the lead singer Nile Nilsson and the guitarists: Oscar Mäkinen and Sami Selei.

According to the band members, St. Aurora has its roots deep in the pandemic, as it roses to its final form during the quarantine. After passing demos around the web and texting, the band got to play together, and they said that they all knew it was worth waiting for it.

The band is about to release the first EP, and their music is based on punk-rock, that mixes alternative metal, with a hint of melodramatic theatrical „spices“.

St. Aurora: Nile Nilsson – vocals; Ero Lamberg – backing vocalist & bass; Walter Kousa – drums; Oscar Mäkinen – guitar; Sami Selei – guitar

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