Susanna Hoffs – born on this day

Susanna Lee Hoffs, born on the 17th of January, 1959, is an American singer/songwriter. She is best known as a co-founder of the Bangles.

She was inspired to become a musician after her mother played Beatles music for her when she was a child, and she began playing guitar in her teenage years.

Susanna Hoffs and sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson first formed The Bangles in 1980. Annette Zilinskas later joined, but was later replaced by Michael Steele. The current lineup is Hoffs and the two Petersons. The Bangles went on to become of the most successful bands of the ’80s, with hits including ‘Eternal Flame’, ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’, and ‘Manic Monday’.

Outside The Bangles, Hoffs released her debut solo album, When You’re a Boy, in 1991. Its lead single ‘My Side of the Bed’ was a minor hit, reaching 44 in the UK. She recorded a second album in 1993-94, but it was never released. In 1996, Hoffs released her second solo album, Susanna Hoffs. Her third solo album Someday came out in 2012. It was self-released and was influenced by the music of the 1960s.

The Bangles

Interesting facts:

The group was originally called The Colours, before they had a change of heart and renamed themselves The Bangs.

Another act was also performing under the name The Bangs, so original group members added three letters to the end of their name to become The Bangles. They were noticed by Prince, who offered them a song he had written, called “Manic Monday“. The song was a big hit, reaching number two in both the US and the UK, where it was only kept off the top spot by Prince’s own single Kiss.

The Bangles are known for writing nearly all of their own material, despite the fact that their first four top 10 singles.In addition to Prince’s Manic Monday, If She Knew What She Wants was written by Jules Shear, Walk Like an Egyptian by Liam Sternberg, and A Hazy Shade of Winter was a cover of the 1966 Simon & Garfunkel hit.