Veri Jumala – Behind The Daydreams, Chapter Two

Veri Jumala, photo by Mario Monecke

After releasing the record Dawnlight Silhouette, in April 2020, composer and songwriter from Germany, Veri Jumala (Sorrownight, Lad Pete) completed his work on his new solo album Behind the Daydreams, which is scheduled for release in August this year.


If you are fond of the music of Ville Valo, HIM, The 69 Eyes and other chiaroscuro goth-rock artists and their opus, especially HIM’s Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, you will probably like the album “Behind the Daydreams”, by Veri Jumala. Nostalgic, catchy acoustic guitar, atmospheric, flowy melodies, and alluring lyrics, will invoke your moonlike feelings towards the “doom and gloom” enigma.

The lyrics’ own philosophy could easily shape, or tear apart your perspective on love/life matters, and make you “drown” in this stirring music whirlpool of emotions. This opposite excitement could have a captivating effect on your psyche’s prisma.

Veri’s dreamlike vocal performance, which shows a baritone singing voice with virtually a tenor range, pinpoints the album’s ethos.

During many years of creating music and playing in different bands, such as Sorrownight and Lad Pete, as well as finding his course by making his solo albums, Veri Jumala crystallized his way of expressing his emotions through music. It is shown on his new solo recording, Behind the Daydreams, and its special collection of 13 music pieces.

You said in our previous interview, that the songs on the album are very personal, and if people listen to them closely, they can find out a lot more about you. But, what did you find out about yourself, while working on the album?

Veri Jumala: I realized that I am ready to keep on going and that I am motivated again. Not only when it comes to music but also when it comes to standing up and doing something with my life. Also, I found out that I need situations like that. I need to create and I am always a bit melancholic when the end of the recording process comes close or is already over.

Behind the Daydreams, is a beautiful dark rock album. Some kind of melancholy lies behind the whole story. Did you find some inner peace while working on it, or did this feeling become clearer when the whole work was done? In other words, what is your perception of the creating process – do you take it as a starting point in finding your way through the woods, a purifying cathartic procedure, or something else?

Veri Jumala: Thank you very much. It really was a process that gave me a lot this time. To be honest I felt somehow lost before I started working. I was in a dark place and when I began to record the first song, I immediately felt this kind of purifying warmth. Also, the days became brighter and the sun showed itself more. This stuff helped me to create my own healing at some point. And I think that is why there are some brighter and warmer melodies on this record. At least for my feelings.

Cover artwork by Janine, Ninez art

You said before that you didn’t want to miss all the fun of doing things by yourself when it comes to recording an album. Are you satisfied with the whole thing so far? And what was the most important lesson to you, when it comes to DIY things?

Veri Jumala: Yes. I am really satisfied. It was just a fun time and I really enjoyed it. The most important lesson was to understand that there comes a time when you just have to end the whole thing. You could go on and on but there is a point that marks the end and you have to embrace it. Otherwise you will destroy the pure feelings of the songs with too much detail or perfection. Also, I understood that you have to go with the flow of random stuff. If there is a cracking sound of the guitar or random birds singing in the background or whatever – let it in. This kind of stuff brings an authentic and individual atmosphere to the songs. It is the best that can happen. Natural and unplanned additions.

-Do you have any plans when it comes to the promotion? Any video soon?

Veri Jumala: Promotion is already rolling. I always try my best. Let’s see how far it goes. But there is not a lot I can say about this because it is not only in my own hands. I can tell you that I am planning to create some music videos. But let’s see how it works out.

Connected to that – do you have any plans outside Germany when it comes to the concerts, maybe?

Veri Jumala: Well, my promotion and the releases are always international. I try to bring out my music everywhere. When it comes to concerts it is a bit more complicated. I would like to play some shows outside of Germany. But to be honest I can’t see how this should work out at the moment.


Veri: Thank you for the interview. I hope you all enjoy the album. Have a good time and take care of yourself! Never forget about the things that make you happy.

Behind The Daydreams, song list:

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