Veri Jumala – Behind the Daydreams

Veri Jumala, photo by Mario Monecke

After releasing the record Dawnlight Silhouette in April 2020, composer and songwriter from Germany, Veri Jumala (Sorrownight, Lad Pete) is working on his new solo album Behind the Daydreams. According to the artist, it will be an acoustic dark rock album with keyboard sounds and atmospheric effects with the addition of acoustic beats.

When, and how did you crystalize the idea of making a solo album called, Behind the Daydreams?

Veri Jumala: “The idea of creating a new solo album is in my head for a long time. My last one Dawnlight Silhouette is already 2 ½ years old and it’s about time to record something new. With all the new experiences and feelings that came with the time.     

The title came in my mind when I was working with Janine, the artist of the album cover. We had the idea of how it should look like and all the emotions and imaginations bound to this look fitted well to the daydreams-thing and everything that hides behind them and lets them exist.

I always try to give my songs some room so that everyone can create an own story with it. There will be a lot of metaphors and philosophies hidden between the lines that you can discover. And what you can always discover, is a lot about myself. The songs are always very personal, and if you listen to them closely, you can find out a lot more about me than I could even tell you.”

What is it all about when it comes to orchestration and a music genre?

It will be an acoustic dark rock album but also with some added stuff like keyboard sounds, atmospheric effects and maybe even some acoustic beats here and there. But I am not completely sure about that. I will see when it comes to recording. Often ideas change and the stuff gets its own flow.

Who stands behind the production of the album?

It will be me. I will record and produce the album on my own again. This is also a part that is always fun for me and I don’t want to miss it.

Do you have plans when it comes to the promotion of the album?

Not yet. I will maybe try to create a music video on my own. In the end it is a self -made album and I am not planning to start a big promotion for it. But still I want it to be heard of course and create some emotions with it so I will try to put it out and promote it as good as I can with the limitation of my time, budget and reach.

Cover artwork by Janine, Ninez art

The cover of the album shows interesting Diorama artwork. Could you tell us a bit more about the artist?

It was a big pleasure when Janine aka Ninez Art came to me after a live show and asked me if I am interested in an Artist that creates a so-called Diorama for my album. She built a complete “model” of the cover, all handmade by her own and then photographed it for my album. It is a really cool thing because it comes to life this way. It really feels like there exists something, not only in a digital way but in the “real world”. This is really fascinating and I just can recommend to check this out! A really good work with heart and soul in it.

Note: A diorama is a replica of a scene, typically a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model, sometimes enclosed in a glass showcase for a museum.

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